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Minnesota Car Insurance Rates


Minnesota car insurance rates can vary greatly, and it pays to shop around and do a side-by-side comparison of not only the premium, but the amount of coverage you’re being offered.


After a long period of rising car insurance costs, the availability of the Internet has driven car insurance rates downward since 1999. Car insurance companies have had to lower their rates to be competitive in the marketplace. This is great news for you!


It’s easier than ever to obtain quotes from many insurance companies all in one place. You can choose the policy with the amount of coverage you need at a reasonable price. By using our FREE MN Car Insurance Rate Tool you can save yourself time and money and have the information you need to find the rate you want.


Ways To Lower Your MN
Car Insurance Rates


Many auto insurance companies offer discounts to their cusotmers for various things. Some common discounts include:



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