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Cheap Minnesota Car Insurance


The secret to finding cheap Minnesota car insurance is to first determine how much coverage you need, over and above the minimum amount required by state law, and find a car insurance company that offers you the best rate.


There are things you can do, however, to lower the cost of your Minnesota car insurance premium.



Do Your Homework To Find The
Cheapest Minnesota Car Insurance


Searching for cheap Minnesota car insurance shouldn’t be so difficult. All drivers in Minnesota are required by law to have auto insurance coverage. Many motorists find insurance rates to be a big expense, and maintain only the minimum coverage allowed.


There is no trick to finding MN cheap auto insurance coverage. You have to be consistent in your search and willing to spend time gathering information. It can be a challenge, but the lower premiums you’ll end up paying as a result are worth it.


In order to be as efficient in your search as possible there are some factors you will need to consider. Proper coverage, rates, discounts, and deductibles are all going to have a significant impact on your final cost. Spend a few moments doing your research and you could end up saving $100’s or even $1,000’s in premiums over the course of the next 12 months. Here’s where to start:


Choosing Your MN Auto
Insurance Coverage


It is mandatory for Minnesota motorists to have a certain amount of liability coverage. Depending on your car’s age and condition, you may find it unnecessary to keep collision coverage. If your car is not worth the Blue Book Value, it may not be worth it since collision insurance covers repairs to your car in an accident. Removing this coverage from your policy will reduce your premium.


However, regardless of the type of car you drive the minimum amount of liability coverage is required. If you own your car you and it is not worth the Blue Book price, consider carrying only liability insurance. It will greatly reduce your rate and will keep you legal as you drive.


Just keep in mind that minimum rates may not provide the financial help you’ll need in the event of an accident. Try to determine how much help you’ll really need in that event.


Search For The Best MN
Auto Insurance Rates


Auto insurance companies are very competitive. They each want to convince you that they have the best rates, coverage and customer service available. If you really want cheap insurance rates you have to shop around. Contact a few insurance companies in your area to get quotes. Enlist the help of an auto insurance broker who can check the rates of all of the companies he represents. Make sure to go online as well to check rates and compare the rates you have under your current coverage with other companies. By contacting several companies, you will have a better idea of the cheap auto rates available.


Ask About MN Car
Insurance Discounts


Most auto insurance companies offer discounts to reward their customer’s responsibility. These discounts can give you the cheap MN auto insurance rates you’ve been looking for. Ask your auto insurance company to send you a list of the discounts they offer. You may qualify for multiple discounts.


For example, if you are married and you and your spouse each have your own car, qualify for multiple drivers and multiple car discounts. If you are a homeowner and decide to transfer your homeowner’s policy to your auto insurance provider, you can get a multi policy discount on top of that.


Drivers that complete a driving course can receive a discount, and students who keep a grade of “B” or better receive a discount as well.


Increase Your Deductible


This is the simplest, most noticeable change you can make toward reaching your goal of cheap Minnesota auto insurance. Your deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket to cover damages done to your vehicle. By raising your deductible you could end up saving up to 50 percent on your auto insurance premium.


Just be sure that you have the financial ability to meet that deductible if you should need to. One smart idea is to have an emergency fund set aside in an accessible savings account that covers deductibles for your various insurance and medical policies.


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